Faber Audiovisuals proud supplier of Nxt Museum

By 26 June 2020July 22nd, 2021News

We are pleased to announce that we are the preferred AV supplier of Nxt Museum:

‘’The first museum in the Netherlands dedicated to New Media Art.
A space where art and technology are fused to seek, show and question what the future holds. Immerse yourself in multi-sensory exhibitions that challenge assumptions and open minds.’’

Moreover, the museum’s residency programme Nxt Lab offers space to interdisciplinary pioneers across art, design, technology and science, to share knowledge, skills and experience. This can be seen as a community, fully focused on the future of art.

We supply all audio and video such as: projectors, mediaservers and speakers for this New Media Art Museum.

Opening 29 August!

More info about Nxt Museum: www.nxtmuseum.com