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Faber University

November 7, 8 and 9 2023

An inspiring one-day event for a select group of relations

Faber is hosting the 'Faber University' once again, an exceptional event aimed at sharing knowledge and providing inspiration to our valued relationships and partners.
The goal

More about Faber University

A unique event where we share knowledge and relations and partners can gain inspiration. “We’ve revitalized Faber University with a fresh new appearance, and the day is packed with an exciting and inspirational agenda.”

Through a combination of workshops and presentations, you will learn about the latest innovations from our event specialists. You will also be given a tour through our head office and we will serve a delicious Frisian lunch.

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Below are the topics that will be covered during this day. Of course, there is also enough time to ask our specialists everything about their personal knowledge and experiences.

We will end the day together with a drink, where, for those who have paid close attention, you will receive the desired Faber University Certificate!

Various topics
Workshop 01
Projection Technology
Explore the diverse world of projectors, their accessories, and applications.
Go into concepts like mapping, warping, and holographic projection. Understand the choices of brightness, type, and resolution, and discover techniques for projecting onto various screens, surfaces, and 3D shapes.
Workshop 02
LED Displays
Discover LED screens and systems in indoor, outdoor, video, transparent, and creative configurations.
Learn about their applications, the design and construction of LED screens, and explore creative uses for various events.
Workshop 03
Camera & PPU systems
Acquire fundamental knowledge of camera technology, accessory selection, and the workings of multi-camera applications.
Witness the use of cameras, control panels, and shading systems, and gain insights into capturing events through the lens.
Workshop 04
Audio & Lighting Basics
The basics of audio and lighting. Learn about microphones, speakers, and mixing consoles commonly used in conferences, presentations, and events.
Explore the types of lighting available and the techniques employed in illuminating corporate events
Workshop 05
Creative & Technical services
How ideas evolve into projects through the added value of 3D visualization, animation, content creation, technical design, and project management.
Discover innovative solutions and the collaboration of various disciplines to achieve a stunning outcome of your event.
Workshop 06
Digital Innovations
Embrace the role of innovative digital solutions for events.
Learn more about virtual event platforms, remote production and monitoring tools, event networking, and interactive content solutions as integral elements of modern event management.
Workshop 07
Dive into the various types and categories of media servers, with their associated capabilities and options.
Learn to make informed choices, understand how content is managed, and events are programmed, and become known with specific innovations.

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Please note that our presentations on November 7th will be in English.

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Faber University

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