Faber Audiovisuals facilitates over 805m2 LED screens at ‘Symphonica in Rosso’.

By 1 March 2016June 3rd, 2016Geen categorie

‘Symphonica in Rosso’ 2015 the concert of Marco Borsato at the Ziggo Dome was an overwhelming success. Not for nothing the event was sold out in record time.

The huge video screens from Faber Audiovisuals formed an important part of the impressive decor (Ahola Production Design). Content, live video and light effects (light design by Carlo Zaenen) alternated with each other and supported the songs from Marco Borsato very impressively. (show director Marcel de Vré). Faber Audiovisuals supplied a LED banner (Glux10) with a total length of 530m at 1m height and 220m2 movable I-Mag / backdrop screens (ROE 7.5mm Blackface HB).

The images in the portrait format I-mag screens were driven by a AW Ascender48. In addition to the movable I-Mag / Backdrop screens and LED banners, which were installed around the balconies, Faber also used a 55m2 Kindwin 7.5mm LED floor. A special feature of the floor is a tracking system called Blacktrax which made it interactive. That way, every step that Marco Borsato made was followed and the scene was interactively set by a combination of the LED floor and Blacktrax cameras. All this was driven by 4 x D3 systems equipped with air Demolition software (content designer Jo Pauly). For the realization of the sharp live images on the screens a HD camera package and 8 remote HD cameras were used.

A great achievement for team Faber Audiovisuals, especially because time was of short supply for the adjustments that had to be made between the shows “Let’s Dance” and “Disney in Concert”. Both shows were held between the concerts of Symphonica in the Ziggo Dome. Under the responsibility of Project Manager Ben Augenbroe and Chief Operation & Technical Manager Steven Embregts, Faber’s operational team delivered a top performance that we can look back at with pride.

Piet Winten and Mundo Matic looked after the technical production of the project.