VCIS: Real-time event information via modern video technology

Visual Crowd Information System

How can you inform your festival and event audience virtually in real time, in a stylish manner, and with optimal operational reliability? The answer to that question is called VCIS or Visual Crowd Information System.

Until recently, festival and event organisers were forced to use outdated matrix screens-controlled via unreliable 3G and 4G connections on top of everything else-for up-to-date public information, whereas the ideal alternative can now be obtained through Faber Audiovisuals.

By including the system in its range of resources for rent, Faber is responding to the increasing demand of the market, which has a need for speed as much as for text and image quality. VCIS fills the gap existing in the field of public information systems.

Scalable and panable

An important principle is that the system runs on a wired network. This eliminates outages often caused by e.g. the mobile network becoming overloaded during the event.

This operational reliability provides the organisers with the option of displaying text and images visible to every visitor at every moment and in a split second. While this is crucial during emergencies, it is just as useful for supervising and directing visitor flows during changes in the festival programme.

The high resolution makes it possible to show e.g. detailed floor plans with directional arrows providing visual instructions. Screens are by default 2 metres by 1.50 metres and are mounted on a specially developed system based on standard trusses, making them rotatable.

This makes it possible to inform incoming flows one moment and departing flows the next. Nevertheless, the system is completely scalable and the public information can also be extended to other screens.

The most important specifications:

  • Runs on a wired network and is therefore invulnerable to mobile network overloads;
  • Straightforward and quick to install;
  • Controlled from a single central site;
  • Clearly legible due to high light output;
  • High degree of detail in text and image;
  • Content can consist of custom-made texts, video, stills;
  • Rotatable screens.

Text and image

The system is controlled from one central location. In most cases, this will be the command or control centre. Content, such as custom-made texts, commercials, and stills, is entered at that location.

The performance is automated by means of playlists, until messages must be communicated e.g. in the case of incidents. Possible applications also include a ticker tape. In general, members of the police and security are also present at that centre.

If necessary, they will therefore provide the operator with information that must be posted immediately on the screens. In that context, VCIS consequently constitutes a welcome supplement to the efforts and resources aimed at crowd management during festivals and events. For that matter, the underlying software has been developed in-house at Faber Audiovisuals.

Together, we will achieve a tailor-made solution

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