Nexnovo: 78% Transparant LED display

Daring creative possibilities thanks to transparent LED displays


The modules are invisible already from a distance of a mere 3 meters as their transparency exceeds 78 per cent.

The light output is extremely high and yet the power supply remains completely silent. The high efficiency of the LED lamps used contributes to low energy consumption. The modules – each with a standard height of 50 centimetres and width of 1 metre – offer a significant potential for creative applications.

After all, it gives creative people the means to construct and create endlessly. This opens up a new and fascinating dimension for graphical effects and animations. The aluminium frames seamlessly fit together, which makes the construction simple and efficient.

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Clearest and sharpest

Nexnovo’s NR8 series used by Faber Audiovisuals in rentals uses the unique, so-called 3D-SMT technology. This innovation guarantees an uninterrupted use through the application of new connection techniques on the circuit boards.

As the market leader, Nexnovo claims to produce the clearest and sharpest transparent LED displays in the world. “It is evident for us to make the product available to the Dutch market as it has proven itself in the development stage,” says Jeroen Jongenelen of Faber Audiovisuals.

“In the course of this summer, our professionals have acquired the required knowledge to provide adequate advice to interested parties about the production benefits and creative possibilities. They gladly remain at your service.”


The most important specifications of the NR8 series:

  • pixel pitch rating 7.8 mm (SMD);
  • 78% transparency;
  • brightness 6000 nits;
  • display resolution 128 x 64;
  • resolution (dot/m2) 16384;
  • unit size 500 x 1000 mm;
  • unit weight 12 kg.

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