Holography: an old trick under a new guise

Faber Holography

You have likely already been enthralled at least once by the illusion of a person appearing on stage, without him or her actually being present. This is not a new trick. It used to be referred to as the Pepper’s ghost illusion technique. Its technical implementation made use of a thin reflective film.

The development of new materials and techniques has now made it possible to implement holographic solutions better, cheaper, and especially more realistically.

An old trick, but under a spectacular and convincing new guise.

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One of those innovations is the use of projection combined with PepperScrim. PepperScrim is a highly transparent and metallic gauze for large-scale 3D holographic effects. This material can be set up in the form of very large surfaces. It consequently offers unprecedented projection possibilities.

Furthermore, the material can be applied in multiple layers, as well as combined with Blackface LED screens, to create a holographic 3D illusion. You can imagine the impact of such visual ‘marvels’ on your audience.

Various possibilities

  • Amaze your audience with floating animations.
  • Add a virtual presenter to your lineup.
  • Floating projection of figures, animations, and other visual effects surrounding the speaker.
  • Create live interaction with the artist and 3D content.
  • Holography is the new way of giving presentations!


Holography has made a comeback. All new technological developments, the availability of interactive content, the right projection methods, and the application of new materials can make live presentations more spectacular and impressive than ever before. Moreover, it remains affordable in spite of all of that.

In that respect, holography offers plenty of possibilities to impress your guests. For that matter: do not forget that it only functions optimally when the creative concept is accurate, when the application is functional and contributes to the intended communicative effect.

Faber Audiovisuals will gladly assist you and contribute ideas in that regard. Are you interested, or would you like to know more about Faber Holography? In that case, please contact us.

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