Virtual Event Studio – NEW


The digital playground for every event manager


Host your virtual event in our fully customizable event studio with Augmented Reality technology and interactive live audience.


Digital Playground

Host your virtual event in our fully customizable event studio. With Augmented Reality we will add several digital layers to your presentation, such as holograms, logos, presentation windows and external sources. This way, you can for instance insert external speakers on stage, show viewers from the ‘virtual audience’ or add a slide deck next to the presenter. A real digital playground for every event manager. Make your event digital and truly unique with the Virtual Event Studio. To make sure that your message reaches your target audience.

Built with the latest innovations

Our Virtual Event Studio uses the latest innovations and the highest quality equipment by default. Our experienced professionals are happy to think with you as well as ensuring a flawless execution. In addition, our studio features an extensive library of visual templates to create precisely the look & feel you have in mind. When you want to choose your very own look & feel, our graphic specialists are ready to create a unique, customized design for your event.

Live interaction with online audience and external speakers

The studio offers live real-time interaction between virtual audience, presenters and several remote keynote speakers. Always with great visibility and audibility.

Unlimited visual possibilities

With Augmented Reality and Holographic technology features, we add several digital visual layers to your event, such as decor, logos, presentation windows and external sources. This makes any presentation set-up possible.

Immediately ready for use

Don’t waste any time! Thanks to our ready-made studio and design templates, the stage will be ready for starting your virtual event in no time.

Safe working environment with sufficient distance

All attendees can work at a safe distance from each other. The direction operates from a separate space.

Features that distinguish

your virtual event

Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality technology of our Virtual Event Studio provides a great visual experience for your online participants and audience and ensures an optimal real-time interaction. You can show your presentation slide deck in different places on the stage or you can place your keynote speakers, who are not physically present in the studio, live on stage.


Our Virtual Event Studio has been expanded with holographic possibilities. This allows you to display elements of your presentation in 3D for the viewer. Ideal for the visualisation of new products or designs and lifelike meetings with a speaker who is not present live.

Turn-key setup, ready for use

The Virtual Event Studio is equipped with the highest quality user application and equipment by default. And your event will be supported by our experienced professionals. Thanks to a large library of ready-made design templates, your stage will be ready in an instant. Do you want to make the event truly unique? Then we will design a customized environment that meets all your requirements.

Reach all of your intended online audience

Unlike physical events the size of the audience can be easily scaled up for online, virtual or hybrid events. In addition, offering an online option stimulates participants unable to travel to take part, thus increasing your reach and the interaction.

A real presentation environment

in which the speakers feel at home

Real presentation environment

We take the traditional ‘green screen’ solution one step further by implementing a high-resolution LED wall as the physical basis for our Virtual Event Studio with the organization’s recognizable digital decor, logo and content. This makes presenters and guests feel comfortable and at home

Presentation support

The studio contains several physical screens to display presentation slides, speaker’s notes, external presenters and virtual audience, so that speakers can clearly see and easily indicate these data. This also increases the comfortable feeling when working within our Virtual Event Studio.