Hybrid Events

The best of both worlds, online and offline

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Hybrid Events: The best of both worlds!

Full Event Experience

What is a Hybrid Event?

Our event solution combines the physical event with virtual reality. Every event can be transformed into a hybrid event when you make it online accessible.

The combination of a physical event with the virtual world creates an interactive and stimulating environment for all participants. Connect offline with online!

Transforming your event to a hybrid event, makes it possible to increase your range. Distance and travel restrictions are no obstacles when joining an event through your laptop.

Technology is key for a successful Hybrid Event. And so be it: Faber Audiovisuals leads the way in the dynamic world of LED displays and audio-visual productions!

Warm welcome even for online visitors

The virtual experience will be the same as the physical experience through our Virtual Venue™. The Virtual Venue looks completely the same as the actual venue. Even including the visitor registration desk, break-out rooms and all the other participants!

Interaction with your audience

Get in touch! We create an unique interactive experience for both online and offline participants! Everybody is triggered immediately when entering the event. A warm personal welcome at the lobby, networking near the exhibition stands or a Q&A with the key note speaker. You name it!

Increase your Range

Your reach is unlimited by making your event online accessible. Attend the event where ever you are. Our creative team of professionals offers an event solution which creates the perfect cocktail for a successful Hybrid Event!

Real Live Interaction

Get in touch with your audience, even in times like these!

  • All participants are welcomed personally at the lobby
  • Visitor registration desk
  • Offer interactive experiences to visitors, both before and
    during the show through: chat, ring, poll, quiz, Q&A, meet & greet

Sponsors and exhibition stands

Include sponsors and exhibitors in the virtual world as well.

  • Offer sponsors a unique way to deliver their message to visitors with custom branding, videos and more
  • Within the virtual world it’s possible to collect data through Analytics. Which can be of interest for marketing purposes
  • Leave your digital business card

Custom branding

Match the look and feel of your physical event in the virtual world

  • Detailed and comprehensive
  • Tailor-made

Safety & Sustainability

Safety first! Hybrid Events creates the possibility to keep on organizing events with safe distance!

  • In accordance with WHO guidelines
  • Little to none travel movements
  • Economizing on travel and accommodation costs
  • Reducing CO2 emissions

Together, we will achieve the perfect plan

Would you like to know more about our workflow, or the possibilities for your hybride event?
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