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World Youth Day Reaching 1.5 million youths across an enormous site with LED and innovative technology

Multiple LED screens at the World Youth Day 2023 in Lisbon
Pixel Light
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Date – 2023
Location – Lisbon, Portugal
Photo/ video credits – MERLIN: Filmes + Conteúdos
One and a half million young people took part in the closing event of the World Youth Day 2023 via LED screens. It was made possible with two innovative technologies: TFC Flow and custom-made video delay software.
Festival site World Youth Day 2023 with 60 LED screens
Video top
Case video World Youth Day 2023

Festival grounds covering 222 acres

The World Youth Day (WYD) is the largest multi-day youth event in the world. At the Pope’s invitation, hundreds of thousands of youths from across the globe come together every two or three years for a multi-day program of music, celebrations, and festive activities. The 2023 edition took place in Lisbon in a park area covering approximately 222 acres. The World Expo was held in the same area in 1998. Pope Francis II also attended in person.

A view of the main stage from every spot

In collaboration with the client Pixel Light, we installed a total of 60 LED screens, of which we supplied 50, on the vast 1.9-mile-long and 328-yard-wide festival grounds. That was around half an acre of LED. Due to the strategic placement of the LED screens throughout the festival grounds, every visitor could enjoy the activities on the main stage to the full via these screens.

LED screen at WYD2023
LED screen assembly during WYD2023 Lisbon

What is TFC Flow?

TFC Flow is a powerful, user-friendly, IP-based tool that provides full control over all data, intercom, video and audio signals within a live event network.
“With the magnitude and scale of this project, the only company that was on our minds since the beginning was Faber. They played a major role in the success of World Youth Day 2023 in Lisbon, with exquisite expertise and technical knowledge. The implementation was pristine, leading to being considered in the industry as a record breaker and a world class event benchmark."
Sérgio Pedro Antunes & Luis Duarte
Project Managers for WYD 2023
Pixel Light
LED screen build

Synchronization challenge: remote audio and video

With a project of this size, the greatest challenge was synchronizing the audio and video on all screens. How can you ensure that the video and audio signals reach the audience when the Pope is on the stage? That is a problem, which if not solved, can mean that you see the speaker talking on the stage but hear the sound many seconds later. This is extremely challenging at live events in particular.

Customized software

Our Research & Development Department was commissioned to find a suitable technical and budgetary solution. They did just that in the form of a specific software development. The custom-made tool turned out to be highly suitable for transmitting synchronous video and audio over large distances.

TFC Flow: secure and extremely fast distribution via fiber optics

Creating a secure and, of course, fault-free distribution of the signal to the LED screens was just as big of a challenge for us. We were soon convinced that TFC Flow – Total Facility Control – would be the perfect application for this project. It enabled us to send and receive all signals across a single fiber optics cable: audio, video, internet, and intercom. An additional cable served as a back up alongside the main cable. NEP, of which we are part, developed the technology. This was the first time that we have used TFC Flow on this scale.


Video screen live event Lisbon LED screens at Parque Tejo-Trancão (Lisboa) Video screen build Lisbon Video screen build Parque Tejo-Trancão LED screen at Parque Tejo-Trancão LED screens at World Youth Day 2023 Project manager Faber at outdoor event Build up LED screen World Youth Day
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