Wooning Zesdaagse 2023 Six days of fierce cycling battle

Rotterdam Ahoy
Location - NL (Netherlands)
Date - 2023
Photo Credits - Jorrit Lousberg
For the 40th edition of the Wooning Zesdaagse, the most talented track cyclists from all over the world gathered at Rotterdam Ahoy. The combination of top-level sports and conviviality makes this six-day cycling competition a unique experience.

Versatile Video Solutions

During the Wooning Zesdaagse, Rotterdam Ahoy was transformed into a sports arena with a 200-meter-long cycling track. For this sports event, we supplied a large roundboard of Roe CB5 panels and a mainwall installed with Glux BAtn10D panels. Using our data and score processing software, an up-to-date score history was presented on the screens. In addition, we provided live registration. Using our cameras, camerapersons, and PPU’s, every performance was recorded and broadcast live on our screens and on television.



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