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The Tribute - Live in Concert Ziggo Dome Amsterdam

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Date - 2023
Location - Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam
Photo credits - Jorrit Lousberg
Last weekend, The Tribute - Live in Concert returned to the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. In the eponymous TV show, talented tribute bands competed for the title of the best tribute band in the Netherlands. The top four bands earned the opportunity to perform at the prestigious Ziggo Dome.

We provided multiple LED screens for the concert production. The stage featured 10 square LED screens that displayed album covers of the act on stage. Additionally, there was a large circular LED screen in the center, all built with ROE Diamond 2.6 LED panels. The IMAG screens on the left and right sides of the stage, built with Roe Black Quartz 4.6 LED panels, showed camera footage of the performers.

We also provided camera registration to capture the show’s excitement delevering four manned Grass Valley WorldCam LDX 86N cameras. In addition, we supplied three Panasonic AW-HE130 PTZ cameras, controlled from the control room. This ensured that the audience did not miss any action, and the performers could showcase their talent in the best possible way.

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Roe Black Quartz 4.6
ROE Black Quartz 4.6

The ROE Black Quartz family is known for its brightness, thanks to its 5,000 nits specification. This nit value indicates light output, which translates into brightness. The Black LED application provides enhanced contrast. The brighter the image and the greater the contrast the better the visibility and the outdoor experience.

Roe Black Quartz 4.6
ROE DM 2.6
Roe Diamond 2.6 LED panel

A Lightweight Small-Pitch Alternative. The ROE DM LED module with a 2.6mm pixel pitch delivers an indoor LED solution with exceptionally vivid colors. The lightweight panels are easy to hang or stack and can be mounted in flat or curved configurations.

ROE Diamond 2.6
Panasonic AW-HE130
AW HE130 PTZ camera

The Panasonic AW-HE130 PTZ camera comes with a range of additional and new features. All this guarantees better Full HD image quality and optimized resolution. This recording unit is remotely controllable, so you can monitor your production, presentation or event from the control room.

Panasonic AW-HE130
Grass Valley WorldCam LDX 86N
Grass Valley LDK8000 camera

A camera for any environment. Ideally suited for live productions. Record the action of your event quickly and accurately without loss of quality. This camera is known for its performance, mobility and light sensitivity.

Grass Valley WorldCam LDX 86N
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