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Suzan & Freek Musical and visual spectacle in the Ziggo Dome

Spectaculair Ziggo Dome Show with LED
Sightline Productions & Agents After All
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Location - Ziggo Dome, NL
Date - 2023
Photo Credits - Jorrit Lousberg
In a sold-out Ziggo Dome, Suzan & Freek treated their fans to four impressive shows. A varied range of well-known songs followed each other in rapid succession. As a video partner, we equipped the stage with 400m2 of LED, creating a maximum visual experience.
Spectaculair Ziggo Dome Show 'Suzan en Freek'
ROE Vanish V8T

These LED panels have a 50% transparency and are perfect for outdoor use. The image is easy to see from all angles, thanks in part to the high nit-value.

Roe Vanish V8T
ROE Black Quartz 6.2
ROE Black Quartz 4.6

The ROE Black Quartz family is known for its brightness, thanks to its 5,000 nits specification. This nit value indicates light output, which translates into brightness. The Black LED application provides enhanced contrast. The brighter the image and the greater the contrast the better the visibility and the outdoor experience.

Roe Black Quartz 6.2

Custom LED solutions

The stage was characterized by an extensive use of LED: a total of 400m2. The stage design integrated a combination of horizontal and vertical transparent LED banners, on which lively visuals were displayed. ROE Vanish V8T panels were used for these banners. A ROE Black Quartz 6.2 LED backwall was also added, displaying live images of the audience and artists.

An immersive visual experience

The unique stage design combined with our high quality LED screens and dynamic visuals, brought the performances to life, creating an immersive visual experience that heightened the impact of the shows.


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