1899 Netflix Original Optimal conditions for virtual film productions.

Dark Bay studio recording 1899 Netflix Original
Studio DARK BAY GmbH
Date — 2022
Location — Berlin, DE
Photo credit — Alex Forge/ Netflix
In Berlin, at one of the leading film and media locations in Europe with an extensive infrastructure of studios, outdoor sets and recognized specialists in set design, DARK BAY offers optimal conditions for virtual film productions.

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The setup

How we build this volume

The 367 m2 LED wall with a pixel pitch of only 2.3 mm on the shooting set offers countless possibilities for film creatives. The modular LED ceiling and mobile LED port support any scenic setup with interactive lighting and associated reflections. The virtual studio is controlled via the “Brain Bar,” which consists of 8 powerful workstations.

The 270° LED Ellipse consists of 367.5 m2 1470 ROE RUBY LED panels with a pixel pitch of 2.3 mm. The 253 m2 roof consists of ROE CB3 Panels combining high res LED with 1200 CD/m2. The 4 LED Gates consist of 140 ROE CB5 panels and are movable in height per 4 independent tiles. 4x ROE CB5 gates (on Motion hoists) are used for lighting and reflection purposes.

Babelsberg is one of the largest virtual productions studios in Europe. Having installed the largest fixed LED volume in Europe, Faber has more experience than anyone else in this industry.

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