Salesforce World Tour Video partner for live events in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France and Germany.

Date – 2022
Location – Amsterdam RAI Exhibition, NL
Salesforce is the global player in software and cloud computing. The multinational company uses live events as an important tool towards customers and prospects. Faber is the video partner for four annual events. With an individual solution for each of these events in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and France.
Production. Technology.

Flexible and experienced in customization.

Our solutions match the specific goals of each individual event.
Video Partner
Video partner for live events in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France and Germany.

Salesforce invests in live events around the world as one of their key communication tools to current and potential customers. For this software and cloud computing multinational, Faber is the video partner for the Europe World Tour Shows. These shows take place in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and France. 


Not onesingle concept, but tailored to each event

Remarkably, it does not involve one single concept, each event is unique. For each individual event, Salesforce has specific objectives. Because the locations are also different each time, we offer a new solution each time. Fully customized.

Production elements and technology

The package we offer consists of production and technical elements. Based on the characteristics of the spaces, we choose the most appropriate solution for visual display. Specifically, this means the use of projectors and screens or LED screens. Also defining is the content. And are the speakers present live in the hall or are they presenting from an external location? Moreover, we take care of the live registration. In addition to the technology, we also do the execution of the content playout. Our technicians discuss with the producers what should be shown on the screens and when. That includes the programming in the halls, but alsoonline programming. 

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