Salesforce World Tour London 2023 Enhancing the visual experience with multiple video solutions

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Date - 2023
Location - ExCeL London
Photo credits - Salesforce
Faber serves as the video partner for Salesforce Europe World Tour Shows, providing tailor-made solutions for each event.

The video partner for Europe World Tour Shows

Salesforce, the global leader in software and cloud computing, relies on live events as a key tool to engage with customers and prospects. Faber serves as the video partner for the Europe World Tour Shows, which take place four times a year in the UK, Holland, Germany, and France. Each show is a unique experience, and Faber provides tailor-made solutions for every event.

London 2023

For World Tour London 2023, our package included production and technical solutions. We provided technical advice based on the venue, stage design, audience positioning and content requirements. For the London show, we installed four large LED screens, with a total of 280m2 of LED. We also took care of the content playout; the technology and service to display video and graphic content on the LED screens. Furthermore, we provided the technology and crew for the live stream. Together with a partner company, we ensured that the online audience could also watch the presentations in real time. For this service, we provided 7 cameras, including one steadycam, experienced camera operators, and a portable production unit.

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