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Rolling Loud Rotterdam A thrilling 2-Day Hip Hop festival

Rolling Loud Hip Hop concert
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Date - 2023
Location - Ahoy Rotterdam
Photo credits - Erik Luyten & Lotte Schrander
Rolling Loud Rotterdam was an unparalleled celebration of hip-hop culture, that brings people together through the power of music. Our top-notch video solutions played a vital role in creating an electrifying atmosphere.

LED screens for dynamic visuals

As the videopartner, we were responsible for providing all the LED screens for the various stages, including backdrops and IMAG screens (the screens to the left and right of the stage). Our state-of-the-art LED displays brought the performances to life, creating immersive visual experiences that heightened the impact of the shows.

Visual Crowd Information System (VCIS)

Apart from providing screens for the stages, we built the Visual Crowd Information System (VCIS). This cutting-edge system enabled the festival organizers to communicate important safety information to the attendees. Throughout the festival grounds, strategically placed screens displayed vital safety updates.

Rolling Loud Rotterdam stage with LED screens
Glux BAtn10D

This thin and aerodynamic lightweight LED screen is constructed of carbon fiber. The panel is wind and water resistant, making it very suitable for large outdoor applications.

Glux BAtn10D
Roe Black Quartz 6.2
ROE Black Quartz 4.6

The ROE Black Quartz family is known for its brightness, thanks to its 5,000 nits specification. This nit value indicates light output, which translates into brightness. The Black LED application provides enhanced contrast. The brighter the image and the greater the contrast the better the visibility and the outdoor experience.

Roe Black Quartz 6.2
Grass Valley WorldCam LDX 86N

A camera for any environment. Ideally suited for live productions. Record the action of your event quickly and accurately without loss of quality. This camera is known for its performance, mobility and light sensitivity. With multiformat (HD/3G/4K) and multispeed (1X/3X/6X) system. The camera comes standard with a Grass Valley Viewfinder 7.4″ OLED eyecatcher.

Grass Valley LDX 86N
Portable Production Unit

The compact unit (PPU) for mobile camera recording is unique due to its small size. The setup can be varied by putting together different modules:

  • LDK8000 broadcast cameras (max. 8 cameras)
  • Remote HD cameras Panasonic AW-HE130 + control desk
  • Lenses 11x, 14x, 22x, 24x, 40x, 86x, 95x
  • Expansion with additional mixer (Panasonic HS450) to make 2 additional sets or screen capture and recording simultaneously
Portable Production Unit

Live registration for unmissable moments

Our involvement extended beyond visual installations. We were also responsible for the live registration of the performances. To ensure that no one missed a beat, we filmed and broadcasted the acts live on the screens. For this service, we provided the cameras, skilled camera operators, and a portable production unit for seamless directing.


Live registration Hip Hop concert Rolling Loud event Live registration Rolling Loud Rotterdam Rolling Loud Rotterdam show Rolling Loud Rotterdam show
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