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Pinkpop 2024 A memorable festival weekend with iconic performances

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Music & events
Date - 2024
Location - Megaland, Landgraaf
Photo Credits - Nathan Reinds
70.000 people came together for the prestigious three-day music festival. As the trusted video partner, we contributed to the impact of the shows with our creativity and technical solutions.
Roe Vanish V8T


Pixel pitch: 8.9 mm
Indoor / Outdoor
Brightness: 4,000 nits
Height: 100 cm/ 39.4 “
Width: 100 cm/ 39.4 “
Weight per module: 16.5 kg/ 36.38 lbs

Roe Vanish V8T
Roe Black Quartz 4.6


Pixel pitch: 4.6 mm
Brightness: 5000 nits
Height: 100 cm/ 39.4 “
Width: 50 cm/ 19.7 “
Weight per module: 22,6 kg / 49,82 lbs

Roe Black Quartz 4.6

LED screens for dynamic visuals

Pinkpop, one of the largest music festivals in the Netherlands, attracts music lovers with its diverse lineup and lively atmosphere. This three-day event offers a mix of international and national talents and plays an important role in the Dutch festival season. This year’s performers included Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran, Keane and Joost Klein.

For years, Faber has been Pinkpop’s trusted video partner, providing a range of video solutions for the various stages. From LED screens providing captivating backdrops to IMAG (Image Magnification) solutions, our team enhances the visual impact of performances throughout the festival. We also provided camera and production units, capturing every moment on stage and ensuring that all visuals were displayed on the big screens.

Visual Audience Information System (VCIS)

In addition to all the screens for the various stages, we also built the Visual Crowd Information System (VCIS). This allows festival organizers to share safety-related information with visitors. In addition, we can also transmit information to the IMAG screens in the large tents in case of an emergency. We are also laying the data network that connects all the screens to the VCIS.


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