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Pinkpop 2023 The iconic Dutch music festival

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Music & events
Date - 2023
Location - Megaland, Landgraaf
Photo credits - Nathan Reinds & Ben Houdijk
For years we have been the video partner of the three-day festival. With our creativity and technical solutions, we increase the impact of the shows and thrill the fans.

LED solutions, elevating the visual experience at Pinkpop

Pinkpop, one of the largest and most renowned music festivals in the Netherlands, captivates music enthusiasts with its impressive lineup and vibrant atmosphere. Held over three days, the festival showcases a diverse range of international and Dutch talent, making it a highlight of the summer music scene.

For years, Faber has been the trusted video partner of Pinkpop, delivering a range of video solutions for the various stages. From LED screens providing captivating backdrops to IMAG (Image Magnification) solutions, our team enhances the visual impact of performances across the festival. We also supplied camera and production units, capturing every moment on stage and ensuring that all the visuals are showcased on the big screens.

Pinkpop continues to captivate music enthusiasts with its impressive lineup and vibrant atmosphere. As Faber proudly collaborates with this iconic festival, we contribute to creating unforgettable moments for both artists and fans alike.


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