LED solutions for the daily World Cup talk show NOS Studio World Cup 22

NOS World Cup studio with LED displays
Date - 2022
Location - Studio 4 Hilversum, NL
Photo credit - Nathan Reinds
For the NOS daily World Cup talk show, Faber helped create the decor. With advanced LED solutions, we translated the design into a lively studio environment. A creative and high-quality set in which the presenter and analysts could work at an appropriate level.
The details

Specialized solutions

Close collaboration with the designer to achieve the desired vision.
Know-how in LED

Daily NOS talk show with analysts and other guests covering all World Cup matches

NOS Studio WK 22 is the name of the talk show in which NOS invites soccer analysts and other guests to talk in the studio about what is happening during and around the World Cup matches. The talk show is broadcast every evening during the entire World Cup from Studio 4 in Hilversum. With an audience. The client presented us with a design on the basis of which we realized a number of high-quality LED solutions.

LED solutions

In the center of the set we placed one large LED screen. That screen is flanked by two LED columns, in which the World Cup is permanently displayed. To the left and right of the LED columns, we created smaller LED surfaces. We repeat this setup three times in the decor: left, center and right. By working with one type of LED, the processing can be done from one platform. This guarantees that the content can be shown perfectly synchronously on all screens. Without a hitch. The entire set is also redundantly connected, so that if a signal fails, the backup system kicks in immediately.

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