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Musical De Tocht Relive the magic of the Elfstedentocht

Musical De Tocht
Music & events
Date - 2024
Location - Leeuwarden, NL
The first season of the successful musical 'De Tocht' is running at the Friso Theater in Leeuwarden. As the official video partner, we contribute to the unique production that brings the Elfstedentocht to life.

Winter theater spectacle

De Tocht is performed in the Friso Theater in Leeuwarden, which was built especially for this musical. The musical tells the compelling story of five old skating friends who unite to brave the legendary Elfstedentocht. A story of suffering, passion, union and making choices. The Elfstedentocht as a metaphor for life. Falling down and getting up, together and alone.

With impressive music, catchy lyrics and the chilling decor of the Frisian eleven cities characterized by an impressive 360° rotating ice floor of 2000 m². As an official video partner, we contribute to the production by providing various video solutions and integrating our technology into the decor.

ROE Vanish V8T


  • Pixel pitch: 8.9 mm
  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Brightness: 4,000 nits
  • Height: 100 cm/ 39.4 “
  • Width: 100 cm/ 39.4 “
  • Weight per module: 16.5 kg/ 36.38 lbs
Roe Vanish V8T

700 m² video landscapes

For the musical, we provide a 328-square-meter curved backdrop made with ROE Vanish V8T panels. This backdrop forms the decor around the ice floor and takes the audience past picturesque landscapes and village scenes. We also built a 363 m² curved LED screen using ROE CB3 panels. The screen consists of separate, moving columns that can move across the stage, providing additional dimension.

Seamless media control

To control the production, we provide three Disguise GX2-C servers. These media servers make it possible to manage, edit and visualize all video elements, ensuring perfectly synchronized images. The operation of these media servers is provided by Painting With Light.

Faber Remote Monitoring Platform

During musical production, we deploy the ‘Faber Remote Monitoring Platform‘ (FRMP). This, in-house developed software platform, allows us to remotely respond proactively to changes and solve potential problems.




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