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Martin Garrix ADE 2023 Two spectacular shows: a visual experience

Unlimited Productions
Music & events
Datum - 2023
Locatie - NL
Photo credits - Alive Coverage
The annual Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is a 5-day event that celebrates the global electronic music culture. Martin Garrix performed two shows for his fans at RAI Amsterdam. Our video solutions created a unique atmosphere that left a lasting impression on the audience.

302 m2 of LED

The stage featured a huge transparent LED screen in the shape of a DNA string. The 302 m2 LED screen, built with Roe Vanish V8T and Roe Black Quartz 4.6 panels, created a memorable concert experience for fans.

Roe Black Quartz 4.6

The ROE Black Quartz family is known for its brightness, thanks to its 5,000 nits specification. This nit value indicates light output, which translates into brightness. The Black LED application provides enhanced contrast. The brighter the image and the greater the contrast the better the visibility and the outdoor experience.

Roe Black Quartz 4.6
Roe Vanish V8T

These LED panels have a 50% transparency and are perfect for outdoor use. The image is easy to see from all angles, thanks in part to the high nit-value.

Photo impression

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