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Luna Nights & Luna Young Masters Magical Light Art Pieces

Media Art Friesland
Music & events
Location - Leeuwarden
Date - 2023
Photo credits - Tom Meixner
The theme program of LUNA 2023 reads Nothing Changes: everything stays the same - is that a pessimistic and gloomy view of life, an individual perception, can we actually bring about or at least influence change?
Image left Artist: Clemens Rudolph
Image right Artist: Marko Bolkovic

Once again this year, Faber, as permanent audiovisual partner, provided the LED av and audio facilities for Luna Nights (9 – 11 Feb) and Luna Young Masters (03 – 19 Feb).

Image top
Artist: Gudrun Barenbrock
Image left Artist: Anne Fie Salverda
Image right Artist: OCUBO