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A visual spectacle that pays tribute to the world of music. Lowlands 2022

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Music & events
Date - 2022
Location - Biddinghuizen, NL
Photo credits - Nathan Reinds
Since 2011, we have been the video partner of the three-day festival. With our creativity and technical solutions, we increase the impact of the shows and thrill the fans.
The details

The beginning of something great.

Faber arrives at Lowlands festival. We start unloading our trucks to organize all the equipment.
Permanent partner
A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise

Lowlands is one of the largest and best-known festivals in the Netherlands. Packed with music, theater, film, comedy, literature, street theater, science and visual arts, with as many as twelve stages for 250+ acts. Each year, some 60,000 visitors spread over 3 days attend the festival. Faber is proud of its close collaboration with Lowlands. With our creative solutions and technical realization, we co-create an experience in which the audience can become completely immersed.

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Alpha tent
Alpha, Bravo & X-ray

Screens and direction spaces for Alpha

Since 1994, Alpha has been the largest stage at Lowlands. For this podium we built three LED screens, a backdrop and a screen for IMAG (image magnification). We also provided three direction spaces. Here acts can connect their media server or computer with content to the systems of the LED screens.

Bravo: challenging

With its cathedral-like shape and green color, Bravo is one of Lowlands’ signature stages. Here we built screens that were used as backdrop and for the IMAG (image magnification). In addition, several small LED screens were mounted to long trusses. These trusses were then hung in the roof.

Visual spectacle in X-ray

This small hangar has a capacity of up to 350 visitors. X-ray has a huge reputation among fans of EDM. It is the place where emerging dance DJs make a big impression on the audience. We enhance the impact of the shows with a visual spectacle. To that end, we hang small LED screens from the roof along the entire length of the hangar. As a backdrop, we place another screen behind the DJ.

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Image left Alpha
Image right Bravo
The event

Intergalactic Planetary

High above the vast festival grounds, two huge towers cast their light on the audience at night. The towers are part of the restyling of Planet Paradise. Each of the towers consists of four rings that we fitted with LED strips. During the day they form an eye-catching landmark; at night they become an attraction in themselves. We enrich the LED lighting with video content and effects. In this way, we create an enchanting light show.

Visual Crowd Information System

In addition to all the screens for the various stages, we also built the Visual Crowd Information System (VCIS). This allows the festival organizers to share safety-related information with visitors. Think of ‘drink enough water due to extreme heat’ or ‘avoid the walkway because of an extra long queue’. Scattered across the grounds are six screens that display only safety-related information. In addition, in case of an emergency, we can also relay information to the IMAG screens in the four large tents. We also lay the data network connecting all the screens to the VCIS.

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