Langerhans Symposium Virtual Presentations in a 3D Setting: A Unique Experience at the Beatrix Theater

Langerhans Symposium 2023
Stichting Langerhans
Date – June 2023
Location – Beatrixtheater, Utrecht
Photo credits – Jorrit Lousberg
The 19th edition of the annual Langerhans Symposium, which took place on Thursday 15 June 2023, really managed to surprise visitors, both physically and digitally. The concept was masterfully crafted by Faber's Creative Services department.
Langerhans Symposium 2023

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Audiovisual partner since 2020

Stichting Langerhans was founded in 2003 by five diabetic doctors. The aim was to increase knowledge about diabetes among colleagues. The annual symposium is one of the highlights of their event calendar agenda. Since 2020, we have served as the audiovisual partner for the event. During the corona pandemic, the event took place in our Virtual Event Studio. In the following years it moved to physical locations at Theatre De Spiegel and Tivoli Utrecht.

Virtual Stage in the Theater

For the 19th edition at the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht, the organizers of the symposium opted for a fresh approach. Instead of live presentations, the speakers’ presentations were recorded in advance to be displayed on the screen in the theater. After the presentation, the speakers physically entered the stage to answer questions posed by a panel. Faber was asked to come up with a unique concept for this.

The designers of the Creative Services department were given complete freedom and came up with a 3D set where the speakers were virtually portrayed, delivering their presentations. These presentations were pre-recorded in a green screen studio.

The set featured a distinctive office building ambiance, where you entered through French doors and ended up in a stylish entrance annex foyer. Then, a screen descended, displaying an animation showcasing the speakers’ slides and presenting them virtually. Afterwards, the speakers took the stage to answer questions.

Regular coordination between the designers and Langerhans ensured a seamless alignment of promises and expectations.

"In collaboration with Faber, we have created an incredibly awesome symposium. Creative ideas, conceptually strong, and meticulously executed. Additionally, we had a highly dedicated team, and simply a very pleasant collaboration. Here's to the 20th edition of the Langerhans Symposium in a year!"
Willleke Kristensen
Project Manager
Langerhans Symposium digital environment

Over the top show set

To enhance the entertainment factor, a quiz format was developed, the designers designed a virtual ‘over-the-top’ show set with excessive use of color, glitter and glamour. The questions appeared on the lowered screen, next to the quizmaster, who was live on stage himself. Faber was also given complete freedom for the visual creation of this part of the programme.

Technical support and production

Our specialists seamlessly integrated distinctive 3D design and animation work into the program concept, elevating the symposium to a whole new level. This symposium, aimed at a specific target group, tackled a serious theme, and our added touch gave it the extra cachet it needed to stand out from an average event. Naturally, Faber was responsible for providing comprehensive technical support and ensuring the seamless execution of the program. We worked together with the Beatrixtheater on a number of aspects, such as light and sound. The Faber team managed both the hall registration and the live stream, which attracted over 2,000 digital attendees.


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