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KFPS Anniversary shows 2024 Visual storytelling of 145 years of Friesian horses

Projectie mapping tijdens KFPS jubileumshow
Music & events
Location: WTC Leeuwarden, NL
Date: 2024
Photo Credits: Floris van Bergen
The 145th anniversary of 'De Koninklijke Vereniging Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek' (KFPS) was celebrated in grand style. As the audiovisual partner of this event, we contributed to the visual interpretation of the story of 145 years of Friesian horses.

Spectacular Projections

The festivities of the KFPS Anniversary included impressive shows such as ‘Faderpaard’ and ‘De Stormruiter’, as well as the annual stallion inspections. For the shows, we used Panasonic RQ35 projectors to create a spectacular stage from the track. LED boarding with Airsport-M10 modules was built around this projection floor. The combination of these technologies resulted in a unique visual spectacle.

Designers: Twofiftyk


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