Innovation Summit Paris 2024 Exploring the intersection of sustainability, digitization, and electrification

Innovation Summit stage located in Paris France
BCD Meetings & Events
Date - 2024
Location - Paris, FR
Professionals from all over the world came together to learn and inspire each other about energy efficiency and sustainability performance.

The Innovation Summit Paris 2024 not only provides a stage for the launch of new innovations in the fields of automation, electrification and digitalization, but is also an opportunity to create collaborations to accelerate the energy transition and address the climate crisis. With the presence of professionals from more than 80 countries and the world’s top 250 companies, this is the fair to make a positive change.

For this impactful event, we provided a massive 275 m2 LED screen, built with the Black Quartz 3.9 panels, on which speakers and information was presented.

Large LED screen on stage for corporate summit
Large LED screen with multiple viewing angles
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