HashiConf 2022 Total technical production and content development

HashiConf Europe corporate event
Date – 2022
Location – Amsterdam, NL
How do you create an event where more than 700 developers can participate on location and online in a multi-day training event? For HashiConf Europe, we facilitated the technical production, content creation and a Virtual Event Studio.
The details

Corporate total production

Faber took responsibility for technical production and content development.
Permanent partner
Permanent, reliable and specialized partner for the technical production of a large European, hybrid event.

HashiCorp is a software company that offers products that allow operators and security professionals to supply and secure cloud computing infrastructure. To update and train developers on their latest innovations, they organize several events every year. For HashiConf Europe they were looking for a permanent, reliable and professional audiovisual partner. Faber’s combination with NEP fit that profile.

Image top
Plenary Hall
The location

Westergasfabriek concept: physical spaces combined with Virtual Event Studio

The June 2022 edition took place at Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek as a hybrid event. Our concept was to divide the Westergasfabriek into spaces for the physically present participants, combined with a virtual studio to serve the online participants. The Westergasfabriek was divided into one plenary hall and three break-out rooms. In the middle of the plenary hall was the MC Box; a glass house in which a mini virtual event studio had been built. This was the central hub for presentations and sessions for the online participants – partly live and partly with pre-recorded content.

The translation from concept to technology 

We handled the entire technical production of the conference: audio, lighting, video streaming, etc. Since some sessions and presentations were pre-recorded, we also organized this process. A number of “home-recording kits” were sent to the various international speakers. With simple instructions, they could record their presentations at home, with us directing from Sint Annaparochie. 

Image left Break-out room
Image right Virtual studio to serve online participants.
The event

Brand sense in visual content

From the beginning, HashiCorp had a clear idea about the look and feel of the event. Based on those requirements, we developed a plan to visually implement the brand sense in detail, from stage design to all content, such as bumpers, 3D animations and keynotes. For this, we worked with subsidiary company Creative Animal.


HashiConf Europe took place over two days in Amsterdam with more than 700 participants physically and online. Inspiring speakers from the HashiCorp community led more than 40 productpresentations and roadmap sessions together. Online, developers could participate in virtual Learn Labs. And online and physically there was ample opportunity to meet and exchange ideas. 

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