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Music event that makes a visual impression on 105,000 fans. Groots Met Een Zachte G

Modestus / Sightline
Music & events
Date - 2022
Location - Philips Stadium, Eindhoven, NL
Photo credits - Set Vexy Productions
'Groots Met Een Zachte G' is the annual music event with which Guus Meeuwis treats some 35,000 fans to an unforgettable experience. As the permanent video partner, Faber helps make it a feast for the senses.
Large stadium stage, outdoor event Groots by Guus Meeuwis
The details
Complete camera production system

A partner to rely on.

From music show to grand experience, thanks to Faber's visual spectacle.
Permanent partner
Show by Guus Meeuwis also impressive visually.

For 15 years, Guus Meeuwis has been ushering in the summer with a grand music party. Every year some 35,000 fans gather at the Philips Stadium to enjoy the entertainment by Meeuwis and his guests. The party is surrounded by extensive catering facilities and extensive possibilities for VIP arrangements. Faber is the show’s permanent video partner. We make sure that the show is also great visually and presents fantastic images for the fans.

Tailored solutions

Consultant for the realization of specific requirements

Based on the Ronald van de Besselaar’s design, known from TV programs and live shows, technical producer Sightline made the translation to video technology. In doing so, we fulfilled the role of consultant for the amount of LED materials to be used, the realization of specific wishes in the design and inclusion of the outdoor character of the event. The solutions we offered were able to withstand the various weather conditions that can occur early in the outdoor season. High winds and rain are also factors to consider in the preparation, construction and choice of solutions.

Semi-transparent LED screen

In the implementation, we finally selected a semi-transparent LED screen, suitable for touring. The transparent nature made it possible to create unique stage effects, as the audience could simultaneously see what was happening on and behind the screen. In addition, we provided optimal coordination of content playout. All content was played synchronously on all screens. The seamless way we executed all the different parts of the visual and technical production contributed to the spectators’ high-quality experience of the show.

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