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Groots Met Een Zachte G The final edition

Modestus / Sightline
Music & events
Date – 2024
Location – Philips Stadion, Eindhoven
Photo credits - Set Vexy Productions
In 2006, Guus Meeuwis began his "Groots met een zachte G" events. Now, eighteen years later, Guus Meeuwis will perform for the last time in this iconic concert series at the Philips Stadium. As the video partner, Faber provided an unparalleled visual experience.
Huge video screen during stadium concert

Create a visual experience with LED

Faber has a wide range of high-quality LED panels available. Each panel has its own advantages and properties, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Spectacular LED Solutions at Philips Stadium

Guus Meeuwis at the Philips Stadium is much more than just an impressive concert performance by a masterful artist. It is a complete spectacle, featuring an impressive light and video show.

With an average of 35.000 visitors per concert, over 800 m² of ROE Black Quartz 6.2 and 100 m² of ROE Vanish V8T LED screens, the Philips Stadium was transformed into a first-class event venue.

Consultant video technology

For nine years, Ronald van de Besselaar, known for TV programs and live shows, has been responsible for the stage design. Sightline, the technical producer, translated the design into video technology. We provided them with advice on the quantity and type of LED panels to use, the realization of specific design wishes, and considerations for the event’s outdoor nature. The solutions we offered were robust enough to withstand the diverse weather conditions that can occur early in the outdoor season.

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