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Groots Met Een Zachte G - 2023 The iconic music event was a visual spectacle

Modestus / Sightline
Music & events
Date - 2023
Location - Philips Stadion, Eindhoven
Photo credits - Jorrit Lousberg
Groots met een zachte G is the annual music event where Guus Meeuwis treats approximately 35,000 fans to an unforgettable experience. Faber, as the official video partner, plays a crucial role in crafting an exceptional visual spectacle.

Spectacular LED solutions at Philips Stadium

Guus Meeuwis’ performance at Philips Stadium offers far more than just an impressive concert by a master performer. It is a complete spectacle within an immense entertainment temple, featuring a breathtaking light and video show. With an average of 35.000 visitors per concert, more than 250m2 of Roe Black Quartz 6.2 and 110m2 of Absen Spider 8 LED screens, the Philips Stadium was transformed into a major event location.


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