Capturing emotions. Magnifying them. And sharing them with the many visitors. Dutch Grand Prix Formule 1

Dutch Grand Prix Formula 1, Zandvoort
Tig Sports
Date – 2022
Location – Zandvoort, NL
On perhaps the most challenging and beautiful circuit in Europe, the heart of the true Formula 1 fan beats faster again since 2021. As the video partner, Faber ensures that the audience can fully experience the emotion on and around the track in Zandvoort.
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Capturing emotions. Magnifying them. And sharing them with the many visitors.

Once a year, the eyes of the world are on 20 drivers, 4.3 kilometers of asphalt and 14 corners at Zandvoort. According to Jan Lammers, director of the F1 Dutch Grand Prix, the circuit is the most challenging and beautiful in Europe. Formula 1 is pure emotion. Capturing, magnifying and sharing that emotion with the many visitors on and around the track in Zandvoort is Faber’s work.

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Paddock LED display
Our solution

High visual quality

To be able to support an event at the level of the Grand Prix at Zandvoort, you need partners who can make it happen. There’s a reason that we have been the video partner of the F1 Grand Prix NL since its return in 2021. We provide a range of solutions on and around the circuit. Our role is especially to provide playout of the content on LED screens in the corners of the track. But also in the hospitality lounges, the media center and the paddock. We provide the technology needed to provide high-quality visual content on every screen and monitor at the right moment.

Challenge: LED tower.

In addition to LED screens in the corners, we deployed 4 mobile LED screens. In turn 12, we built a custom LED tower together with StageCo. Especially the wind proved to be a major challenge. Instead of hoisting one large screen (on which the wind can exert too much force) we built each screen in three parts.

Media Center.

The media center is the hub where the international press gathers. The center is placed on top of the paddock especially for the race weekend. We were not only responsible for placing the monitors, but also for broadcasting all incoming streams. Consider images from the on-board cameras of individual drivers, images from the pit lane, and the images seen by the audience at home. In total, we placed 200 monitors in the media center.


To further enhance the audience experience, we provided the broadcasting of FAN TV. A channel with content exclusively for fans on and around the circuit itself. For FAN TV we were responsible for the facilities and technical side. With equipment and systems and with the deployment of our specialists for, among other things, camera operation and direction.

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