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EO Youth Day 2023 Ahoy Rotterdam

Optreden Typhoon EO Jongerendag
Sightline Productions
Music & events
Date - 2023
Location - Ahoy Rotterdam, NL
Photo credits - Floris Heuer
The EO Youth Day has existed since 1975 and is one of the largest Christian youth events in Europe. This year, 15.000 young people were present in a sold-out Ahoy.

Multiple video solutions

The 47th edition of the EO Youth Day took place on Saturday at a sold-out Ahoy.

It was a day filled with music, presentations, and meaningful encounters. For several years, Faber has been providing video solutions for this remarkable production. This year, we supplied a 55m2 LED backwall on the stage, constructed with Absen Spider 8 panels. Additionally, a LED banner made with Glux BAtn10D panels spanned the width of the stage. To ensure optimal visibility of the performances, we also delivered an IMAG solution through projection. The event was truly a remarkable experience for all attendees.


Productie regie Rotterdam Ahoy
Absen Spider 8

Weighing only 7 kg, this lightweight LED panel by Absen is very flexible in its deployment. The panel has a transparency of 0 to 32% and is weatherproof. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Sublime brightness and image quality. Also from a distance.

Absen Spider 8
Glux BAtn10D

This thin and aerodynamic lightweight LED screen is constructed of carbon fiber. The panel is wind and water resistant, making it very suitable for large outdoor applications.

Glux BAtn10D
Panasonic PT-RCQ10

Light output of 10,000 lumens and UHD resolution image. This dynamic projector guarantees high image quality and is still clearly visible even in highly lit environments. The technology behind the lens optimizes colors for even sharper projection.

Panasonic PT-RCQ10


LED scherm EO Jongerendag Optreden Typhoon Ahoy LED scherm Rotterdam Ahoy Rotterdam Ahoy EO Jongerendag Projectie EO Jongerendag
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