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Edisons Pop 2023 The oldest music award in the Netherlands

Afas Edisons Pop 2023 Rondé
Kingcanary / Treat
Music & events
Date – 2023
Location – Afas Theater, Leusden NL
Photos – Dennis Bouman


The winners of Edison Pop 2023 have been announced, and the awards were presented by the hosting duo Raven van Dorst and Défano Holwijn at the AFAS Theater in Leusden. The jury awarded the highest achievable Edison award, the oeuvre prize, to a band that has built up a strong and remarkable body of work over the years: Kensington.

Faber, a long-standing partner, provided the complete broadcast, camera, directing, and AV facilities.

Som Mieux on stage Afas EdisonPop 2023
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Performance Som Mieux


Price winners Afas Edison Pop 2023 Transparent LED screen on stage at the EdisonPop 2023 Di-rect winner Afas Edisons Pop 2023 Froukje winner at the Edisons 2023
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Red Limo Quartet

The Red Limo Quartet


Winner category rock: Di-rect


Winner alternative: Froukje