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Down The Rabbit Hole 2024 A three-day festival weekend with exceptional performances

Hotot festival stage Down The Rabbit Hole
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Date – 2024
Location – Green Hills, Beuningen
Photo credits - Bart Heemskerk
In the hilly landscape near Nijmegen, Down The Rabbit Hole welcomed 45,000 visitors this weekend. As the trusted video partner, we visually enhanced the shows with our technical solutions.
LED screens for visual effects during music festival
LED screen detail in festival hangar

Create a visual experience with LED

Faber has a wide range of high-quality LED panels available. Each panel has its own advantages and properties, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

LED screens for dynamic visuals

With a mix of national and international acts such as Jungle, Naomi Sharon, Action Bronson, and Sef, the festival reflected the talent and trends of today.
As the video partner, we are responsible for providing all LED screens for the various stages. The Hotot and Teddy Widder stages are the two main attractions of DTRH. For Hotot, the festival’s largest stage, we installed a backdrop and two IMAG screens (left and right of the stage). Teddy Widder, another prominent stage, also featured a backdrop screen and two IMAG screens. In addition, smaller LED screens were strategically placed in trusses, delivering an impressive visual experience during twilight and evening hours. Outside the main stage and next to the tent, there were also two LED screens so that the audience standing outside could follow the performances as well.

LED backdrop screen for Dutch music festival

Visual spectacle at REX

REX is the day and night club of DTRH, the place for every EDM lover. What made this year particularly special was our installation of the Pixeldrop product inside the tent. Pixeldrop features 50 mm diameter tubes with diffusers on flexible cables. By suspending these LED cables from the ceiling, we created a unique ambiance in the venue.

Pixeldrop LED tubes above the DJ booth
Pixeldrop LED strings light show

Visual Crowd Information System

In addition to all the screens for the various stages, we also built the Visual Crowd Information System (VCIS). This allows the festival organizers to share safety-related information with visitors. Screens located throughout the venue exclusively display information regarding mobility, amenities, and safety. In case of emergency, IMAG screens can also be used to disseminate information. We also lay the data network connecting all the screens to the VCIS.

Live recording captures the magic of performances

To ensure that nobody missed anything, we also provided live recording services. With our cameras, experienced cameramen, and a production unit, every performance was captured and broadcasted live on the IMAG screens.

Live registration camera services


Technicians install the LED screens Technicians testing the installation Outdoor screens also show the live act LED screens during music festival Camera operators recording the performance Installing the Visual Crowd Information System (VCIS)
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