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Down The Rabbit Hole - 2023 The magic of music with an impressive visual experience

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Date - 2023
Location - Groene Heuvels – Beuningen, Netherlands
Photo credits - Bart Heemskerk
With a spectacular location in the hilly landscape near Nijmegen, Down The Rabbit Hole attracted 45,000 visitors. As the festival's trusted video partner, Faber played an essential role in creating impressive visual experiences.

Unique visual experience and safety: Faber’s role at Down the Rabbit Hole

With a mix of national and international acts such as Fred again…, Burna Boy, Froukje, Ben Howard, Selah Sue, and Naaz, the festival offered an unforgettable experience for every music lover. Faber’s contribution to the festival consisted of providing all the LED screens for the various stages, ranging from impressive backdrops to IMAG screens that brought the artists closer to the audience.

Visual Crowd Information System

Furthermore, Faber built the Visual Crowd Information System (VCIS). This system enables the festival organization to share safety-related information with the visitors. Specific screens are spread over the site that exclusively display safety information. In case of emergency, the IMAG screens can also be used to display information. We also provided the data network that connects all screens to the VCIS.


Down the Rabbit Hole live event with multiple LED screens

Live registration captures the magic of performances

To ensure that no one had to miss anything from the performances, we also took care of the live registration. Using our cameras, experienced cameramen, and a portable production unit, every performance was captured and broadcasted live on the stunning IMAG screens.



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