Doha Debates Season 2 Studio Recordings

Doha Debates stage season two
Film-45 / House of Paine
Date – 2023
Location – Northwest University, Doha, Qatar
Photos credits – QFI
Doha Debates is a global debate platform addressing world issues through informative content.

Season 2 studio recordings

Doha Debates, funded by the Qatar Foundation, is an international debate platform that operates worldwide. They create documentaries, explainer videos, and event content to inform viewers about global issues.

Comedian Mohammed Amer hosted the most recent season of the televised debate series, Doha Debates. The series was filmed in front of a live studio audience. Each episode includes a monologue by Amer, followed by discussions on current events and global issues featuring celebrities and expert guests. They aimed to explore new and cooperative approaches to global challenges through debate, while also motivating individuals to take action. Faber was once again involved in the realization of the onsite studio.


Doha Debates stage season 2 Doha Debates Mohammed Amer Doha Debates season 2 production Doha Debates camera registration
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