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De Vrienden van Amstel LIVE 2024 Outstanding music spectacle

Tribe Company / Amstel Bier Nederland
Music & events
Location - Rotterdam Ahoy, NL
Date - 2024
Photo Credits - Jorrit Lousberg
Design - Gert Jan Schreuder
The 26th edition of the biggest bar of the Netherlands has once again become a grand audiovisual music spectacle. This year, Faber has also facilitated all LED-videoscreens and cameras for screen registration.

The basic element of PixelDrop consists of 50 mm diameter tubes and a gray opaque diffuser built on a flexible cable. There are four pixels for each tube that can be controlled separately.

PixelDrop is an innovative combination of an LED video product and LED lighting. The viewing angle is 360° and the flexibility of the product gives designers complete freedom in design.

Roe Black Quartz 6.2 mm

The ROE Black Quartz family is known for its brightness, thanks to its 5,000 nits specification. This nit value indicates light output, which translates into brightness. The Black LED application provides enhanced contrast. The brighter the image and the greater the contrast the better the visibility and the outdoor experience.

This product is available in 50 x 50 cm and 50 x 100 cm versions.

Roe Black Quartz 6.2
Roe LED-strips

Transform your stage into a three-dimensional environment with these LED strips. Accentuate depth and create a breathtaking effect. The strips are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Roe LED Strips
Roe Vanish V8T

These LED panels have a 50% transparency and are perfect for outdoor use. The image is easy to see from all angles, thanks in part to the high nit-value.

Roe Vanish V8T

14 shows

With many musical performances and show elements, De Vrienden van Amstel LIVE opens its doors 14 times this year. Around 200.000 enthusiastic visitors attend. The lineup consists of a unique mix of familiar names such as Acda en de Munnik and Guus Meeuwis, as well as newcomers like Son Mieux, Meau, and Claude. The return of Clouseau and The Opposites is noteworthy, as they showcase their musical talent again after years of absence at ‘de Vrienden’.

Diverse LED solutions

On the main stage, Faber has supplied a total of over 500 m² of Roe Vanish-8T LED screen. The middle part of the screen is used as See-Through, while the sides are closed with backplates. LED trays of Roe Black Quartz 6.2 hung for this LED screen. In addition to the impressive LED screen on the main stage, a 24-square-meter Roe Black Quartz 4.6 LED screen was set up on the C stage.

The impressive LED cylinder in the middle of the venue, with a surface of 258 m², is a real statement. This cylinder consists of two parts, with the bottom able to come down and function as a bar. Roe LED strips are mounted on the inside. Besides this cylinder, the chandeliers are also eye-catchers in the venue. These chandeliers consist of 210 PixelDrop LED strings, each 2.4 meters long, an innovative video decoration that creates a unique atmosphere.

Live display

To ensure that no one missed anything from the performances, Faber provided all live camera screen registration consisting of 6 cameras and our PPU set.

Client: Tribe / Amstel Bier Nederland
Design: Gert Jan Schreuder
Photo Credits: Jorrit Lousberg
Cameras for FabriQ Media Group


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