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Chantals Pyjama Party The country's biggest pyjama party

LED setting Chantals Pyjama Party 2023
Music & events
Date - 2023
Location - Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam
Photo credits - Nathan Reinds
25,000 fans gathered at the Ziggo Dome dressed in their most creative pyjamas for Chantals Pyjama Party. Chantal and artists like Claude, Donnie and Roxeanne put on an unforgettable show.

LED Screens

As the video partner, we were responsible for providing all the LED screens for the stage. Our advanced LED displays brought the performances to life and created an impressive visual experience for the fans.

Live Recording

To ensure no one would miss any of the performances, we also handled the live recording. Thanks to our cameras, skilled camera operators and a portable production unit, each performance was recorded and broadcasted live on the LED screens.

Chantals Pyjama Party 2023


Chantals Pyjama Party 2023 production Camera registration Chantals Pyjama Party 2023 Nick Schilder performing at Chantals Pyjama Party 2023 Chantal Janzen during Chantals Pyjama Party 2023 LED stage 'Chantals Pyjama Party' 2023
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