Special LED solutions for RTL7's program. Champions League studio

Fremantle Productions B.V.
Date - 2022
Location - Studio 1 Hilversum, NL
Photo credit - Nathan Reinds
For RTL 7's Champions League program, we supplied several high-quality LED solutions for the decor. Especially the curved presentation desk and the LED columns caught the eye.
The details

Extensive expertise in LED

We have the knowledge and people to provide the right LED solution for every design.

Exceptional LED solutions for the studio of one of the most watched programs.

The Champions League program on RTL 7 is one of the best watched programs on Dutch television. To make the decor appear as dynamic as possible to the viewing audience, the client asked us to realize LED solutions. Based on the design, we created LED rear walls, a LED floor and LED modules for the ceiling. We also connected the entire set redundantly. That solution ensures that if a signal fails, the backup system takes over everything immediately.

Convex desk and LED columns: challenging.

Also special was that we fitted the curved front of the presentation desk with LED. In addition, we placed two LED columns in the studio. These last two solutions were challenging. With the desk, the challenge was to ensure that the LED could bend with the curvature of the object. Fitting and measuring the columns to connect the LED screens so that they formed perfect corners was complicated.

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