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BBC Earth Experience Immersive 360-degree audiovisual experience

BBC Earth Earth projection project
Moon Eye Productions/ BBC Earth
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Date - 2023
Location - London
Photo credits - BBC Earth
How can the century-old BBC share the unique footage it has been collecting over many decades for its Earth series with the maximum of impact? To do precisely that, Moon Eye Productions developed BBC Earth Experience.
BBC Earth Experience London
BBC Earth Experience projectors

The limits of projection technology have been stretched once again

Through the use of 4K resolution, advanced UST lenses, and a unique positioning of projectors, the boundaries of projection technology have once again been pushed.

An unprecedented audiovisual experience

We’ve surely all watched them, all those hours of fabulous footage of nature, compiled into impressive series about our world, complete with the gentle tones of Sir David Attenborough’s magical voice. Perhaps the absolute highlight is the series Seven Worlds, One Planet. The 2019 award-winning television series took viewers on a journey, which not only celebrated the beauty of life on each of the seven continents, but also highlighted the many challenges facing nature in a modern world. The series involved more than 1,500 people filming in 49 countries. The BBC was determined that the visual monuments they captured must not be lost. It was therefore only a logical step to pick an unprecedented audiovisual experience on the occasion of its centenary in 2022.

David Attenborough BBC exhibition

A transformative experience in the heart of London

The concept for BBC Earth is a majestic, 50-minute, 360-degree reliving of that audiovisual journey across the seven continents of the world. Visitors can lose themselves in a forest full of fireflies, discover a colorful carpet of starfish and witness an elephant seal fight. They can take a flight through the jungle by standing in the Vista, a viewing platform surrounded by projection, literally making you feel like you’re in the jungle. Or in microlife they can come face to face with ants, butterflies and many other small animals on superfine 1.5mm LED screens. Then there’s the scary room, where you can meet some very scary insects. Meanwhile, waterlife showcases the otherwise invisible underwater world.

The limits of projection technology have been stretched once again

Faber has been involved from the beginning of the plan development to the technical implementation. In the end, we were able to supply more than 65 items of 20,000 ANSI lumens projectors, 100m2 2.3mm and 1.5mm LED, 10 Disguise VX4, 6 Pixera servers and the entire backbone and content management. In addition, a complete workflow for the very complex content has been created: there is not a single flat projection surface. In terms of resolution, all projection is approximated as 4K. Due to the extreme angles in which the projectors hang with the latest UST (Ultra show throw) lenses, the limits of projection technology have been stretched once again.

Immersive experience

The BBC Earth Experience provides a truly immersive experience that transports viewers on a breathtaking journey through the natural world.


Projectie micro beelden op schermen LED panels at BBC Earth exhibition BBC Earth Experience projectie opbouw BBC Earth Experience projection schermen opbouw BBC Earth Experience tentoonstelling London
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