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Location - Ziggo Dome Amsterdam
Date - 2024
Photo credits - Wouter Vellekoop
Anouk returned to the Ziggo Dome last week for three special concerts. The concerts ‘Deena’ on May 29th and ‘Jim’ on May 31st and June 1st were quite different from each other, but together showed the absolute best of Anouk.

Custom solutions

The first concert was a mix of intimate and sensitive moments. Together with a large orchestra and choir, Anouk performed a large amount of songs she had never played live before. In contrast, the second and third concerts were big and dynamic, with rocking guitars and a spectacular light show. For these concerts, we supplied LED screens on both sides of the stage, built with the ROE Carbon 5. We also managed the live registration during all three concerts. To make sure that nobody had to miss anything from Anouk during the concerts, the whole concert was filmed and broadcasted live on the LED screens. For this service, we provided the cameras, skilled camera operators, and a portable production unit for seamless directing.

ROE Carbon 5


  • Pixel pitch: 5.7 mm
  • Indoor / outdoor
  • Brightness: 6000 nits

This product is available in several versions:

  • 60 x 120 cm/ / 23.6 ” x 47.2 ” B2 (Evision)
  • 60 x 60 cm/ 23.6 ” x 23.6 ”  panel
  • Blackface 60 x 60 cm/ 23.6 ” x 23.6 ” (Brompton)
  • Blackface 60 x 120 mm/ 23.6 ” x 47.2 ” (B2) (Brompton)
Live Recording
Broadcasting corporate event

We have everything you need to record and broadcast live footage. From the know-how and operational execution to the state-of-the-art equipment.

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