Africa's Business Heroes Hybrid event

Africa's Business Heroes event 2023
Africa's Business Heroes
Location - Kigali/Rwanda
Date - 2023
Photo credits – Africa's Business Heroes
Faber had the honor of producing the grand finale of Africa's Business Heroes, the prestigious philanthropic program of the Jack Ma Foundation in Africa. The choice for Faber was determined by the success of our previous collaboration in our Virtual Event Studio.
Art direction

Designing the entire event

Africa’s Business Heroes is an annual competition where African entrepreneurs present their business ideas during a spectacular show. For this 5th edition, Faber has shaped the entire concept of the event, from designing the stage to all graphic elements, including the complete art direction that determined the look and feel of the event. With the client’s ideas and their corporate identity as a foundation, we developed a unique concept, which we presented to them in advance using 3D visualizations.

Additionally, we made the technical translation. Building on all the creative ideas, we realized the necessary technical aspects, ranging from technical drawings and selecting suitable technology to creating material lists. Ultimately, we were on-site responsible for the full production and direction of the event.

3D concepts

Digital stage visualization Africa's Business Heroes digital stage render Africa's Business Heroes 3D stage detail LED columns enriching the stage Africa's Business Heroes jurydesk Stage detail jury Africa's Business Heroes
Online audience

Online experience

In developing the concept, we took into account the experience and engagement of both the online and live audience. By incorporating Augmented Reality, we added a digital layer to the stage, providing the online audience with a completely new experience. Additionally, AR allowed us to place a virtual hologram on the stage, enabling the entrepreneur to showcase their product or service in 3D. Furthermore, we also provided all the motion graphics, including graphic content for the screens and elements for viewers at home, such as bumpers, lower thirds, and other animations.

Everyone looks back on a fantastic, well-attended hybrid event.

Africa's Business Heroes AR enriched stage
Image left Augmented Reality background
Image right Stage enriched with Augmented Reality

Event gallery

Africa's Business Heroes 2023 event overview Overview stage Africa's Business Heroes 2023 Speaker Africa's Business Heroes 2023 Live audience Africa's Business Heroes 2023 Live stage discussion during Africa's Business Heroes 2023 Award ceremony Africa's Business Heroes 2023 Succesful show selfie Africa's Business Heroes 2023
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