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Admiraliteitsdagen An enchanting weekend in the historic center of Dokkum

LED-event Admiraliteitsdagen 2023
Stichting Stadsmarketing Dokkum
Music & events
Date - 2023
Location - Dokkum Center
Photo credits - Hannah Noordhuis
The Admiraliteitsdagen is an annual spectacle that celebrates Dokkum's rich maritime history. The town is filled with a lively mix of local culture and tradition during these days.

Our solutions

Our supplied PPU01 cameras, BQ 3.9, BQ 4.6 and Glux LED solutions created a visual sight that allowed visitors and residents to enjoy the distinctive ambiance in the heart of the historic city center.

LED solutions for Admiraliteitsdagen 2023
Preparing Admiraliteitsdagen 2023 event
Live registration services at Admiraliteitsdagen 2023
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