Bring the sports enthusiast closer to the action than ever. For the ultimate fan experience

Fans can experience sports in a way that brings them closer to the action than ever before. Whether they’re enjoying the action at the venue or in the comfort of their homes. We’re the partner that lets fans and sponsors get the most out of all these new, great opportunities.

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Team Win-Win

If we put our shoulders to it as a team, there will only be winners. We’re dedicated to making you successful. With our hardware, in which we continuously innovate. In our software, which we develop in-house. And especially with our team of professionals. They have the knowledge, the experience, and the drive for a powerful give-and-go. Have our professionals co-create with you. In the form of advice, creativity, support, and tangible solutions. We like to brainstorm with you. Provide rock-solid project planning. Top-tier technical support. And we do all of that the only way that counts: tailor-made.

EK Atletiek

Action in detail. The highlights time after time. The maximum score in experience. LED!

The biggest winner of our expertise is the fans’ experience. At your venue, we combine image and sound to offer spectators the ultimate sensation. We use LED screens, so the action can be followed down to the most delicate details. Even if fans don’t have a direct line of sight to the action, they can still experience it intensely on the LED screens. And of course, as a spectator, you can enjoy the repeats of the highlights over and over again. Before and after the match or during rest or breaks, the screens provide plenty of space for highlights, entertainment, and sponsor messages. Everything to achieve the maximum score in terms of involvement, experience, and appreciation.

LED-boarding: the new experience in advertising and showing sponsor logos

To activate the sponsors’ message optimally, we also work with a particular form of LED screens: LED-boarding. These offer the possibility to show the main sponsor’s sub sponsors and local sponsor’s logos to the public in a fully dynamic way. It’s even possible to use LED-boarding for advertisements. At this moment, we facilitate LED-boarding in the Netherlands for soccer in the Eredivisie and the Euro Hockey League.

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