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Raising the bar for live events

The bar has also been raised for live events. Visitors expect a lot of the content: the performance, the show or the DJ set. And on top of that, expectations for the experience as a whole are up. This trend puts pressure on the level of solutions, equipment and professionals.

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The kind of experience visitors and fans expect today

What happens on stage needs to be seen, heard, and experienced in detail by every fan. The set must be high-profile. Lighting has to bring the maximum effect. And visitors increasingly expect to be immersed in special effects or Augmented Reality. On top of that, the whole package should feel as focused on the individual as possible. And comply with the need for more sustainability. To offer this level of experience, it’s essential to work with a partner who can live up to expectations. We have been doing this for our customers for years. Successfully. And to the great satisfaction of both sides.

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Working with a partner who understands what you want. And delivers on it

You want to organize a live event of top quality. We are the partner who understands what you want – and how you can achieve it. From the concept phase, we come up with precisely the right kind of solutions. Then we implement ideas and plans in the form of clear-cut project management. Plus good advice on which equipment to use.

Our people are experts in their field. And enjoy practicing their profession

We put money into innovative hardware. We develop software in-house. But what you benefit from the most is from our focus on our people. Creatives, project managers, operational specialists, and technicians are all on board. People with a heart for their craft. And passion for supporting their clients the best way they can. They know what they’re doing. And they do it with pleasure. That’s why every solution is always of the highest grade. For your project. And for your audience.

All attention to customization. And of course, for sustainability

We offer you the certainty of full customization. Without losing the feeling of control over time or money. Sustainability is also vital for us. We package and transport all equipment as efficiently as possible. That’s why we reuse materials whenever possible. And also why we prefer the use of LED, potentially saving you considerably on your energy costs. The fact we’re so serious about sustainability is also a pleasant talking point to share with your event’s visitors.

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