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The realism of real locations with control in the studio

Faber has the tools, the people and the track record for digital productions with ICVFX and LED

A progressive solution that offers more realism and saves time in post-production compared to green screen technology.
Large ICVFX virtual production studio Cinecittà in Rome
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Cinecittà, Rome.
ICVFX VS Green Screen

ICVFX instead of green screen: more dynamism, realism and interaction, less post-production.

ICVFX (In-Camera Visual Effects) is the progressive solution in addition to the current green screen. ICVFX displays the virtual content on the LED volume. This allows filmmakers to view their (expanded) virtual sets in their camera. For even more dynamism, you can expand the digital set with an LED floor and an LED ceiling to create reflections on objects. This establishes a direct interaction between the actor(s) and the virtual setting.

This produces better results than traditional green screen. Another big advantage is that ICVFX saves time in post-production. The virtual content reacts in real time to camera movement. As a result, merging actors and backgrounds retrospectively after shooting is now a thing of the past.


Extremely controllable conditions and still the “real feel.”

Compared to recording on location, ICVFX offers the advantage that you are always in control of the situation. Because you work in a studio environment, you are not affected by unfavorable weather conditions. You can now create the special lighting conditions, such as for a golden hour atmosphere, by yourself using Unreal Engine. If necessary, you can play that special sunrise over and over again for the actors until you get the desired result.

Also in terms of locations, ICVFX in a studio environment is the most cost-effective solution. Without the use of crew and transportation, digital content seamlessly switches the environment from Amsterdam to the Alps and then on to London after lunch.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine: the heart of your ICVFX production

Unreal Engine is the tool with which you create next-level photorealistic 3D content for display on the LED screens in the studio. Its major benefits are its razor-sharp realism and flexibility. In Unreal Engine, you quickly build a background, such as a city or some other location. This background can be seen in real time while the actor is playing the scene. Afterwards, you can see the result immediately. What if you want to change, remove or add something in the background afterwards? Through real-time playback, the adjustments can be implemented immediately. Play the scene again and save time and costs.

Unreal Engine can also be used as an interface. You can play media for the LED screens, and program show elements such as color temperature and lighting effects, during the scene. The moment the scene is activated, the lights automatically adjust. This is how you use Unreal Engine as the heart of your digital production.

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experiences of our clients
“The High Res Team have had a close working relationship with Team Faber for the past six years and have delivered a wide variety of Virtual Production projects in Ireland, the UK and Europe for Amazon Prime, StudioCanal, Apple TV+, Netflix & Fox. The range, quality and standard of equipment stocked by Faber, supported by their expert team, has allowed us to seamlessly deliver complex and varied projects a very high standard for our clients.”
Peter Canning
Ready Set Studios in Amsterdam, ICVFX studio
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Ready Set Studios, Amsterdam.
Virtual Production ICVFX production set

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Compared to recording on location, ICVFX offers the advantage that you are always in control of the situation.
Why Faber

Faber has the experience, knowledge and tools for successful ICVFX

We have already established quite a track record in this young discipline. This is no accident. Getting the most out of ICVFX’s unprecedented potential requires a tight interplay of LED displays, image processing and camera movements. Every pixel on the LED module is controlled in real time. This requires, in addition to in-depth technical knowledge, a dedicated team and the use of state-of-the-art equipment. At Faber, you can rest assured that we will deploy the total package to make your production a success.

Netflix recording Studio Dark Bay in Berlin.
Image left Studio Dark Bay, Berlin.
Amazon Prime series Modern Love recording in Ireland.
Image right Amazon Prime series Modern Love, Ireland.
Media Servers

The most powerful machines for content tuning, LED and camera tracking

Media servers are powerful hubs that act as the hub of your production. Thanks to these machines, you keep control of the interplay between digital content, LED modules and camera tracking. We have the most powerful media servers, allowing us to provide optimal support to the production team.

Case Studies

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