Fijnwonen, a hybrid corporate event

Hybrid Events

The impact of live with a unique online experience

Give your audience an impressive experience with a high-quality hybrid event

The best of both worlds coming together in one interactive experience for your visitors.
The best of both worlds

Online and offline

With a hybrid event, you integrate all the benefits of a live event with the unique added value of an online event. Attendees can network with each other, enjoy panel discussions, and watch presentations, both online and offline. Offer your attendees the flexibility to attend the event physically or online.

TCS corporate summit in Madrid
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TCS summit, Madrid.
Live Interaction
Complete fusion of virtual and live, including interaction.

In a hybrid event, you create a lively interaction between both the audience online and the attendees at the physical location. For example, a live presenter in Amsterdam can answer a question from an online participant from Berlin, which the live audience in Amsterdam can in turn respond to. Not only does the audience have the opportunity to participate online, speakers can also attend the event virtually.

With current technology, it is possible to create a hybrid event where the online experience is no less impressive than the experience at the physical location.

Finally, you can also choose to expand your live event with a live stream only. The online audience watches the presentations at home or at work. We can stream the event for you to any conference platform, offering the online audience the opportunity to attend the presentations.

Event platform on a digital tablet
Event Platform

Event Platform, the central place for your audience

Whether visitors to your event decide to participate online or physically, our virtual event platform is the central place where everyone comes together. Visitors can connect with each other in several ways. For example, through live streams, interactive presentations, polls, Q&As, and many other options. The all-in-one event platform.

Creative services and operational execution

Our full-service approach has made us the first option for event producers, event planners and organizers for years.

Faber is the reliable partner with extensive experience in successfully supporting large-scale international productions. We do not only offer high-end quality materials and highly experienced technicians for these. We also provide creative solutions. As such, we can bring your event to life in a 3D visualization in the preparatory phase, whilst helping to formulate ideas for the stage design. Finally, the content that the audience sees on the screens can also be produced by us.

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A hybrid event with live attendance and an online stream
Customer Experience
“Their expertise is extremely valuable for us and our clients, whether it is for a live event, a hybrid or fully digital event. Our cooperation is seamless and fully integrated into our process, so our clients experience a one stop shopping and full service experience.”
Michiel Lindenbergh
Commercial Director
Beurs van Berlage
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