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Reaching, captivating, and engaging your target groups

If you as a company or organization are active at the highest level, you also have increasingly higher demands for your business event. To reach your target groups, involve them, and keep them captivated, you have to pull out all the stops. We are the partner that senses what you want. A partner that focuses on what you need and is geared towards co-creating and delivering. With creative solutions, project management, hardware and software, and passionate people.

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Our people know what they’re doing. And apply that to your needs

What gets you even more return on investment is the support of our team. We have the creativity, expertise, and experience to put a smile on your face – and that of your target audience. We work with professionals who live for their trade. People who know exactly what they’re doing. And implement that as effectively and efficiently as possible. From concept to (pre-)production. Up to the operational execution of your live stream. Excellence!

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Tailor-made. But fast

You can expect top-tier performance from us. And no matter how personalized you want your event to be, our team will step by step help you realize it. To keep the momentum going, we work with templates we developed in-house. These can be quickly adapted to your needs. The guarantee of bespoke solutions. But fast.

The feeling and experience of physical events

We help you implement the experience of a physical event in detail. When you choose a solution like Online Event Platform, you can turn your virtual event into a real event. With a reception hall copied from reality in all detail, a program, breakout rooms for informal conversations, and even exhibition rooms for your co-creators and sponsor.


LED. Because that’s what makes your online event real

We continuously innovate in hardware and put our money in the in-house development of software. That’s why we are now fully committed to LED. LED removes the limitations of your creative imagination. With our LED screens, you can create realistic or fantastic environments. You can display anything you want on them – while everyone sees the same simultaneously. Why not stream your audience onto them, for example? In that way, the presenter can interact with people directly, in the form of a face-to-face interview. Switch instantly to speakers at different locations. Organize a Q&A, poll, or quiz. In other words: no more passive, one-way traffic. Welcome dynamics and involvement!

Marketing tools ensure conversion you can only get online

If you integrate marketing tools into your event, you’ll get even more out of it. Create clickable hotspots and implement call-to-actions. You can easily export and use all data generated by the event.


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