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The total picture. To serve you as good as possible. From all angles

We have the hardware, software, and people on hand to help manage the most challenging production. We assure you of the right advice for every need – when you need it the most. That’s why producers of music, sports, entertainment, and other broadcast and media productions have been finding and appreciating us for years.

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We understand what you’re saying. And you don’t have to say it out loud

Real professionals are people who speak the same language in many different situations. They can quickly put forward an idea, a creative solution, or solid advice. Even if you haven’t asked for it yet. From the first concept up right through to realization, we’ll team up with you – no matter how high the bar is. We have a passionate team of technical and creative experts. We’re aware of the latest developments in broadcasting and media. And also good to know: we deliver on clear-cut project management too.

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Control. Speed. Through bespoke solutions

We work with templates as much as possible. This means that you can use our solutions quickly and easily. Touch & Go! Of course, you’ll often require customization. And so customization is what you’ll get. Together, we’ll draw up a plan to figure out precisely what you want and what the best way is to get there. To make sure that you can execute beautiful productions, we’re happy to hand you our top of the line equipment. While at the same time taking the stress and worries from your hands.

Our people know what they’re doing. And know how to translate that to solving your needs

You will get even more return on your investment from the support of our team. We have all the creativity, expertise, and experience to put a smile on your face – and that of your target audience. We only work with the people who live for their jobs. Who know exactly what they’re doing. And apply that to your plans as effectively and efficiently as possible. From concept to (pre-)production. Up to and including the operational execution of your Livestream.

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Let us work with LED. And you can have the benefits

More and more, we specialize in applying LED Walls and screens. So you can reap the benefits. Such as: never having to bother with greenspill again. And because you use LED as a background and as a light source, you have natural light on the set at your disposal. Simultaneously, the LED screens enable working with photorealistic, dynamic scenes, and in-camera VFX. Crew and spectators all see the same thing. All at the same time. With live shots, that will boost the liveliness. While any post-production shifts to on-set and pre-production. A considerate saving in time and costs.

10bit/HDR playbackc

Playback in 10bit/HDR is one of the specs. All kinds of additions for (pre-)visualization and 2D and 3D playback are, of course, also possible. Whatever you need, count on us to serve you with a solution that seamlessly integrates into the (existing) workflow.

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