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Marble Mania TV Show The Netherlands
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Marble Mania studio, Baarn, NL.
The Floor broadcast stage with contestants on LED floor

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As part of NEP, global service in facilities and service is guaranteed.
Tailored solutions

Tailored broadcasting solutions

Thanks to our expertise and years of experience in the dynamic broadcast industry, Faber is the ideal partner in the field of audiovisual solutions.

A live TV show, a daily or weekly television program, or a press presentation. Together we will work it out from an idea to a plan and through to the result. We offer support in finding the best audiovisual response to any demand. And as part of NEP, global service in facilities and service is guaranteed.

Providing detailed drawings of the LED setup, the cable plan and the pixel map in the preliminary phase ensure there are no surprises in the operational partnership with the backdrop, production and the broadcaster in terms of controlling the content.

Our working method, ingenuity and problem-solving ability guarantee high-quality output.

Viaplay studio with multiple LED facilities.
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Viaplay, Studio 41 Hilversum

LED screens and floors

LED screens and LED floors offer the live audience and the viewer an unprecedented and unique experience. Faber supplies a wide range of LED solutions for every stage design. Our LED specialists know the high demands and dynamism of the TV world. We are happy to advise on the best solution for your TV production.


Monitors and displays

Monitors are used as viewing screens for presenters and live audiences, in the jury desk or in the VIP rooms – in HD or 4K. From 10″ to 103″. Faber has a wide and also deep range with the right converters, fiber cabling and matrices.



Projection (and mapping) can be a good solution for certain TV productions. Faber can advise and facilitate with this. From small sizes to large studio projectors. Including lenses, fibers, matrices and media servers. A visual spectacle that the audience won’t forget in a hurry.

Live broadcast studio NOS provincial elections
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NOS Nederland Kiest ‘23, Den Bosch.
Customer Experience
“Faber has been our supplier for a number of years. From a simple monitor to full live shows. Their flexibility and professionalism are always outstanding”
Joppe Meyer
Technical Project Manager
ITV Productions
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Maestro tv show De Philharmonie Haarlem
Image left Maestro, De Philharmonie, Haarlem
Talpa Productions The Tribute, Battle of the Bands 2023
Image right Tribute Battle of the Bands, Hilversum
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